Beta Tester Program

WPCasa has always been a feedback-driven company. We listen carefully to your needs and try our best to find the best solution.

But beside only to listen, it is also important to actually gather feedback. And especially for that we’ve now launched our WPCasa Beta Tester Program.

What is the WPCasa Beta Tester Program?
Well, in its basic form it is a simple handout of new products (add-ons or themes) to all who are part of this program, and in return we collect the feedback to further improve all of those products.

What is a Beta?
A Beta is basically a version of something which is ready to some extent but not fully ready for the public. In development it marks a stage where a software needs to get tested in real-life scenarios with real data.

Why Beta?
WPCasa gets used by many thousand of happy users around the world. Improving parts of it, also sometimes involves changing something. This can be sometimes pretty tricky. A new feature gets quickly developed with only some example data, but to get used among all of those thousand users it needs to mature and therefore it is important to test it in all imagineable ways possible.

Can I apply and if so, how?
This depends. If you have a test installation of WordPress and WPCasa you’re already good to go. Don’t plan to use Beta Versions on your live/production sites. Only apply if you know what you’re doing and you’re doing it on your own responsibility.

Sounds good? Then click on the link below and apply now!

If you have any questions, get in touch with us. Hit us up via Twitter or Facebook