Introducing the WPCasa Plugin

After many, many months of hard work today we are happy to introduce the all-new WPCasa. Apart from rethinking the entire code, the usability and every single function the big news is that it comes as a plugin. We feel that this new version has improved in many ways and that existing and new clients will like it.


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Free Core Plugin

The main functionality of the new WPCasa is now located in a separate core plugin. This base plugin is available for FREE. It comes with the custom post type for properties and the corresponding custom taxonomies and you can use it with any WordPress theme.

On the back end you will find the improved listings table where you can manage great numbers of entries with advanced filters and bulk actions. The listing editor has undergone a major overhaul to make adding properties more intuitive.

Another strong point is the advanced front end listings search that allows your potential clients to filter properties by keyword, property ID, different taxonomies and custom fields and find matches in no time.

The core plugin will also be submitted to the official WordPress plugin repository very soon.

Extend with Add-Ons

Optionally the core plugin can be extended with add-ons. Some of these add-ons are available for free, others are paid. But this way we make sure that our clients install everything they need but nothing they don’t.

Have a look at our current list of add-ons. Currently there are more add-ons in the making and the list of ideas is endless.

Style with Themes

WPCasa started as a theme business. And of course we will continue offering professional real estate WordPress themes that perfectly integrate with the WPCasa plugin.

Feel free to browse our (still short) list of themes that will grow very soon. So don’t forget to check back once in a while.

Old Theme Framework

Especially if you are a WPCasa customer already, you might be happy to hear that you will receive a number of paid add-ons for free to be able to rebuild the functionality of the theme version.

As the new plugin version is not entirely backward compatible with the old theme version, there will also be available a legacy plugin that makes sure that no property data gets lost when you switch to the new version.

Please also read our docs for more information about switching from the theme version and how to log into your new account.