Multilingual Real Estate Websites with WPCasa & Polylang

When you are promoting your properties to potential buyers from different countries, it can be a great idea to provide the listing information in multiple languages to let the user select their preferred option. Today we are releasing the WPCasa Polylang add-on to ensure the compatiblity of the free Polylang plugin with WPCasa.


A great way to translate your WPCasa property content is the Polylang plugin that lets you translate every single text string in your WordPress installation that is created dynamically. To ensure the compatibility with our system we created the WPCasa Polylang bridge plugin that you need to install in combination with Polylang.

We’ve also written down a step-by-step tutorial about how to set up Polylang with WPCasa using our bridge plugin. The translation of listing details, rental periods, property listings, taxonomy terms etc. is described in detail. Please find the link below.

Add-On Page   Read Tutorial