New Theme Demo

Since a few days we’re having our new theme demo online. It has been completely build from ground up and makes it much easier now to browse through our individual theme demos.

Quick Preview
A single click on the theme selector and the preview pops up where you can scroll through all themes and choose the theme demo you’re interested in.

Responsive & Swipe-enabled
No matter if you’re testing our themes from your desktop or from your mobile. The whole theme demo is optimized for all devices transforming your research into a true pleasure.

Fancy Loading Animation
Well, what would a modern cool theme demo be, without a fancy loading animation? 😉

Responsive Testing Tools & QR (coming soon)
We’re currently also working to directly integrate responsive view modes so you can test our themes from your computer how it would look like on a mobile. The QR Code on the other hand should help you to get easily on the specified demo without having to input the URL by hand.

Add-ons Demo (coming soon)
Some of the add-ons already have their own demo site. And some of the add-ons are already included within some of the theme demos. But still we’re planning to also include add-on demos into our new demo (dont get confused about this Inception thing).

Sandbox mode (coming soon)
We’re also working to integrate a sandbox mode which enables you to simply create your own demo where you can login and give everything a go by yourself.

You now can literally try out some of our themes and add-ons, by clicking on the “Try” Button in the demo menu. Give it a try and see how easy it is to work with WPCasa.

We really hope you enjoy our new demo and would love to know what you think! Hit us up via Twitter or Facebook