Our All Themes Package is Back!

If you own or work for an agency with real estate clients and you use WPCasa and our themes for client jobs, the all themes package will be of great value for your business. The all themes package is now back for a limited time.

All Themes Package

In the past when WPCasa was still a theme framework we had an all themes bundle that was quite popular among web design agencies creating real estate websites for clients. With this great offer it was possible to get instant access to all current and future themes and to use a wide range of designs for client work. This way it would mostly pay for itself with the very first job.

The all themes package for current WPCasa solution is now back for a limited time. Take the advantage and save a lot of money.

Great Value for a Small Price

The basic version only costs €149. It includes all the themes currently listed on wpcasa.com and upcoming themes as long as you have an active license. At the moment there are 6 paid themes. That would be a value of €294 and we have not yet included upcoming themes.

The developer version has a price of €199 with an original value of €689 and includes all the themes and a 20 sites license for a selection of paid add-ons.

Package Value Price
All Themes Package (Standard) €249 €149
All Themes Package (Developer) €689 €199

Any package includes a license for support and automatic updates on up to 20 sites. So there is quite some profit chance. This offer at this price will only be available for a limited time. If you use WPCasa for client jobs, do not hesitate.

Upgrading Current Packages

If you already own a WPCasa theme, you can easily upgrade the license through your account on our website by only paying the difference between your current and the all themes package. Easy.