Switch from Old Theme Framework to New Plugin with WPCasa Legacy

When we first launched the new plugin version of WPCasa in December many of you asked us how to switch from the old theme framework. We had to explain with a heavy heart that the new version is not backward compatible, that we had to keep the new code clean and that we would build an add-on as a bridge to the data entered through the old theme framework. Therefore we are happy to present you WPCasa Legacy today.

Step-by-Step Tutorial

This bridge add-on can be installed in combination with our core plugin to make sure that it detects all the data entered through the theme framework. Please follow our step-by-step tutorial with detailed technical information and about how to switch to the new plugin version.

This post is meant for users of the old WPCasa theme framework. If you already use the plugin version, please kindly ignore this message and apologize for bothering you.

Thanks to Beta Testers

During the beta phase many users got in touch to get the early versions of the legacy add-on. A big thanks to all the testers and especially to those who gave us their most valuable feedback.