Theme Update: WPCasa London v1.3.0 Now Available

The latest version 1.3.0 of WPCasa London is now ready for download.

In this release we’ve fixed a few issues which appeared with the latest release of WordPress 5.6 and are mostly related to Javascript.


WordPress 5.6 has just been released and includes some updates to the included jquery library. This has caused some conflicts with some themes and plugins. In WPCasa London it has caused some search fields to not appear correctly and the mobile menu not working as expected. With the release of WPCasa London 1.3.0 this has been fixed now.

Beside that we’ve fixed a few other issues such as the invisible controls on the single listing maps, and a bug on GravityForms submit buttons where the button does not submit as expected.

On top we’ve already included support for the upcoming leaflet maps which will be released with WPCasa 1.3.0

Changelog (v1.3.0)

  • Added leaflet maps support (available in WPCasa 1.3.0)
  • Fixed bug with the GravityForms Submit Button
  • Fixed display of Google Maps Interface Icons
  • Updated Twitter Bootstrap to 3.4.1


Please go to WP-Admin > Dashboard > Updates and find the update notification of the theme and follow the instructions on the screen. Also remember to activate your theme license key to be able to download the update.

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