Why the choice of your webhosting matters

5GB Webspace for free. Dedicated WordPress Hosting. Unlimited Traffic. One-Click Installer. Domain for free. Limited Offer. Sounds common? Well, there are many webhosting companies out there and all are fighting to get your attention. There is for sure the perfect deal for everyone, but how do you know what suits you best?

Since using WPCasa means in most cases to run a business, it is of utterly importance to not save money on the wrong end. Finally you want your website to run smooth and to be quickly accessible from (nearly) every place on this earth. You want your visitors to feel comfortable and that they’re able to easily navigate through your site without much loading speed. You do not want to bloat your website with Backup Plugins which take up the whole CPU making your website unusable at the time a backup gets created “in the background”. You want your images to be looking fine, and finally you also want a good ranking on search engines, don’t you?

Over the years we found through our close contact with our customers, that there are still many which have been blinded by some fancy popups and phrases as per our introduction above, but in the end have more issues because of poor server technology, wrong setup or missing support.

Let us first talk about “Requirements” and “Recommendations” for your website, then what to avoid and at the very last you get our own personal recommendations.

Requirements & Recommendations

Altough running WordPress is pretty easy, it makes at the end of the day a huge difference since the required theme and the additional plugins also make an impact. The official WordPress Requirements as per publishing date of this post are as follows:

WordPress Requirements

  • PHP 7 or greater
  • MySQL 5.6 or greater
  • The mod_rewrite Apache module
  • HTTPS support

This will ensure that your webhosting can run WordPress just fine. However, we would further recommend the following:

WPCasa Recommendations

  • SSD Disk for Files and/or Database – this will make a huge impact on the website’s performance.
  • Powerful CPU with at least 2GB RAM
  • Not more than 20 Users on an Server Instance – reducing the chance of an outage.
  • Datacenter Location – in some cases it might be useful to have your webhosting provider close to you. If it is because you only serve to a specific audience or because of data safety. Especially in case you operate from within the EU it makes sense to also host your website in a datacenter within the EU since only then EU Privacy Law takes effect.
  • ALLOW_URL_FOPEN to be active (if you use or plan to use the WPCasa Listing PDF Addon)
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee to test the whole service before completely settling.
  • Support – by E-Mail and/or Phone

Again, those are just our recommendations when you choose your webhosting. It is solely your decision about what you think is important for you and what not.

What you can left behind

  • E-Mail – you can use e-mail basically everywhere. It is for sure a sweet thing to get this service from the same provider but in the end it shouldn’t be of any importance in your decision.
  • Unlimited [put-service-of-your-choice-here] – avoid unlimited stuff. It is never unlimited. Either you will find something in the foot notes or you will get limited one way or the other. Don’t put any weight on that.
  • One-Click-Installer – we really adore the idea behind a one-click-installer for every imaginable script/software. Install WordPress with a single click, or Joomla, or Magento, or whatever – but beside the fact that the majority of those one-click-installer are somehow dirty, it is also a hidden sign that the webspace in question is not really optimized for the use of a specific software (eg. WordPress) but for everything. And this is usually not a good sign.

So, now that we explained a little bit about webhosting, we won’t call out any names where you shouldn’t host your website, but we have a few recommendations about where you can host your website and get peace of mind. Please follow the link to get on our recommended Hosting Page.

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