WordPress 4.9 is just around the corner

A new version of WordPress will be released very soon. In version 4.9 there are a lot of improvments and changes, most of them belong to the customizer workflow, and the code editor. Also a few new widgets have been released.

Updates & Improvments

Major Customizer Improvments

From now on it will be possible to setup customizer drafts, schedule them for publishing, share them with your team mates or prevent others from changing the customizer settings while you work on them.

Code Editor Improvments

The current code editor is a pretty dangerous bit in WordPress. It doesn’t happen rarely that someone makes a modification directly through the code editor in WordPress and causes a break down of the whole website just because a missing semi-colon or similar. But with the new release this will no longer happen. Proper code-highlighting and error-checking, a sandbox feature and proper warnings will help to prevent issues and make small changes much easier.

New Improved Widgets

With the upcoming release, WordPress will also feature a gallery widget which lets you create galleries out of your media library and display them on any widget area you like. Much like the same when adding a gallery shortcode from the editor into a text widget, this will make this approach now much easier. Beside that, most of the new widgets will now also have an “Add Media” Button to directly upload media files.

For more detailed information about whats coming up with WordPress 4.9 you can also have a look at this article from WPBeginner.

WordPress 4.9 and WPCasa

In the last days we’ve tested WordPress 4.9 throughly with all our themes and add-ons. Right from the start of this testing period we found that everything went smooth and straighforward without any issues. And also after deeply testing every bit, we can say for sure that everything is working fine as usual.

Still, every website is different, and so it would be great if you still do a full backup of all your files and your database prior to update your website – just for your own safety.

And if you find an issue please let us know as soon as possible by submitting a ticket through your account over at WPCasa, sending us an e-mail through our contact form, tweet us, message us on facebook or directly submit your issue to Github in the specific repository. Make sure to be as detailed as possible and let us know all the relevant details.