Theme Update: WPCasa London v1.0.2 Now Available

With the new version 1.0.2 of our WPCasa London theme we fix a bug with the taxonomy filters of the home page template, add better support for the new version of the WPCasa Dashboard add-on and make some minor CSS tweaks.

A major bug of the first version was the custom taxonomy filter for the listing queries of the home page template. Due to a wrong name of the custom meta key, selecting a taxonomy term (e.g. a specific location) had no effect.

Further, since our WPCasa Dashboard add-on has been entirely rewritten it was necessary to make some minor updates. We fixed a streetview issue (when dashboard and admin map ui add-ons are combined), fixed the display of checkboxes and improved the links of the different submission steps.

Changelog (v1.0.2)

  • Fix taxonomy filters for listings in home page template
  • Fix streetview issue when set through dashboard
  • Fix checkbox labels in dashboard
  • Fix CSS issue with remove favorites links
  • Update submission step links for Dashboard 1.1.0


Please go to WP-Admin > Dashboard > Updates and find the update notification of the theme and follow the instructions on the screen. Also remember to activate your theme license key to be able to download the update.

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