Theme Update: WPCasa Oslo v1.0.1 Now Available

A new version of our WPCasa Oslo theme is available. This update fixes some bugs, adds Polylang support to theme-specific text strings and ensures better support for the new version of the WPCasa Dasbhoard add-on.

A major bug of the first version was the custom taxonomy filter for the listing queries of the home page template. Due to a wrong name of the custom meta key, selecting a taxonomy term (e.g. a specific location) had no effect.

Further we added the missing Polylang support for the text strings displayed in the site top area (like Office hours or Our location) to make sure they can be translated into different languages using the Polylang strings translation tool. We did the same for the footer texts. You can now set these strings in the theme customizer and then go to the strings translation to translate them.

Changelog (v1.0.1)

  • Add Polylang support for header and footer theme mods
  • Fix Javascript error when streetview disabled in front end dashboard
  • Fix checkbox label in dashboard
  • Fix taxonomy filters in listing queries in home page template
  • Update submission step links for Dashboard 1.1.0


Please go to WP-Admin > Dashboard > Updates and find the update notification of the theme and follow the instructions on the screen. Also remember to activate your theme license key to be able to download the update.

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